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 Dragonball Z (Dual Audio)(MKV)(UNCUT Season 1)

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PostSubject: Dragonball Z (Dual Audio)(MKV)(UNCUT Season 1)   Fri Feb 08, 2008 4:39 am

Goku has been living a peaceful life with his wife Chi-Chi until a saiyan warrior ( A space pirate that lives by selling planets) lands in earth. He is even stronger than goku until he and piccolo team up and manage to defeat him. Two stronger saiyans are coming in a year. Will the Z Warriors be ready to face the invinsible nappa and vegeta???

The Dragonball Z series Have been digitally remastered with the original japanese music and widescreen

Format: .MKV
Size: 233 MB - 263 MB
Number Of Episodes: 1-39/ Complete
Uploader: Yokurama

Episode 1 N3SLWPS6

Episode 2 Z3GK3WNY

Episode 3 OCY4ZFLF

Episode 4 08YSX0CX

Episode 5 IDEE7SKJ

Episode 6 YNBWM3H1

Episode 7 FG0Z4IJ5

Episode 8 PQQM4KFW

Episode 9 KDJ7TBFD

Episode 10 PFIRLBEG

Episode 11 AXYXHO8L

Episode 12 CQFEMWCV

Episode 13 K2VYFQ67

Episode 14 B1PKR8LA

Episode 15 1F0VKY6S

Episode 16 YXPQ9HZ0

Episode 17 DE6ZZ8DE

Episode 18 VFGB4EY6

Episode 19 LUK8GSYF

Episode 20 4I5O7F7U

Episode 21 INQV2RNB

Episode 22 XZGWXMN3

Episode 23 USFR38LA

Episode 24 578VZ98Q

Episode 25 8EOIUQY2

Episode 26 AG3WZTV7

Episode 27 EWUJKBCS

Episode 28 AW35NIU6

Episode 29 O1929J7C

Episode 30 GKCZO4P0

Episode 31 2UYVD7SX

Episode 32 5KXPUGM8

Episode 33 QZPRJE0G

Episode 34 FAU7VML5

Episode 35 MT1QZ33O

Episode 36 6GF712D5

Episode 37 PAJVP6UP

Episode 38 OGP3FSYY

Episode 39 81PGJDPQ

Hope you enjoy Smile
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Dragonball Z (Dual Audio)(MKV)(UNCUT Season 1)
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