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 Outlaw Star (Dual Audio)(OGM)

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PostSubject: Outlaw Star (Dual Audio)(OGM)   Fri Feb 08, 2008 4:41 am

Outlaw Star follows the outlaw Gene Starwind and his eleven year-old business associate, Jim Hawking. Together they run a small jack-of-all-trades business on the backwater planet Sentinel III. After the two take a job as bodyguards for a mysterious outlaw, they find themselves the owners of the XGP15A-II, a highly advanced prototype spacecraft, and the caretakers of a bio-android named Melfina. Through the course of the series, the crew grows to include the assassin "Twilight" Suzuka and Aisha Clan-Clan, a Ctarl-Ctarl and former Ambassador of the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire.

Format: .OGM
Size: 168.47 MB - 238.71 MB
Number Of Episodes: 26/ Complete
Uploader: Yokurama

Episode 1 V6W6DY8Q

Episode 2 JY83RK0Y

Episode 3 Z9GF70XI

Episode 4 UIH9QODZ

Episode 5 VR7O5BP4

Episode 6 NFU8KYU3

Episode 7 K2C96U6Z

Episode 8 X5V0I45H

Episode 9 URRV9SY0

Episode 10 FDOTYW8J

Episode 11 SCRORVJX

Episode 12 91P5OY3O

Episode 13 SWXSP4FX

Episode 14 2TRJJPPO

Episode 15 8IW1O0GW

Episode 16 B8O5HBB7

Episode 17 00GO3BTB

Episode 18 CBFZJFCW

Episode 19 M676PQ7H

Episode 20 6MIS8X0V

Episode 21 FLWMU4T6

Episode 22 GE29P10I

Episode 23 5LU0D3OV

Episode 24 IB4N2BXL

Episode 25 59ON4V7O

Episode 26 YNUTIBOZ

Hope you enjoy Smile
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Outlaw Star (Dual Audio)(OGM)
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