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PostSubject: D.N.Angel   Mon Jan 28, 2008 6:33 pm

On Daisuke Niwa's fourteenth birthday, Risa Harada, the girl he tried to give a love letter to, told him, "You're a good friend". That day, when the heartbroken Daisuke thinks of Risa, he suddenly transforms into the legendary great phantom thief, Dark. And he has to go, according to the note his mother left, to steal the Sacred Maiden.!? It's Daisuke and company's adventures on streets that resemble Europe! You can't miss it!!

hosted by megaupload

Format: .avi

Episode 1 40FTSLST

Episode 2 5Y0MN2QA

Episode 3 WBANQ8QM

Episode 4 EQDM7568

Episode 5 2408GQDQ

Episode 6 WPOSU11F

Episode 7 0KWJST5I

Episode 8 3YN3AE7U

Episode 9 X8MX7P69

Episode 10 PZ68U5C2

Episode 11 Q9SRIYGT

Episode 12 JYCSY3KJ

Episode 13 LB142IE0

Episode 14 8T3AQMOP

Episode 15 MEBFW2FU

Episode 16 AX48Y5XV

Episode 17 45B8OSS7

Episode 18 WR7Y6RPA

Episode 19 J9YXMHML

Episode 20 OCTBOCN0

Episode 21 2Z2GXFMY

Episode 22 SYGNRT2Q

Episode 23 H2WYSEK0

Episode 24 NN27NBC6

Episode 25 7H0K8PKX

Episode 26 SG4T9JRE
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