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 Flame of recca

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PostSubject: Flame of recca   Mon Jan 28, 2008 6:37 pm

Alternative title:
Recca no Honoo (Japanese)
烈火の炎 (Japanese)
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen
Age rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)
Plot Summary: Recca is a boy living in the modern world, only he seems drawn to following the ways of the ninja. On the day he befriends a girl named Yanagi who has a mysterious power of healing, he is confronted and challenged by a Dark Priestess. This battle leads Recca to discover a strange power within himself. Afterwards, he finds that not only is his past and destiny not as crystal clear as he had thought, but there are others with powers practicing the way of the ninja who challenge him one after another.

ep2: 55KCLOCY
ep3: 8MS4QEPK
ep4: 7AI0X95J
ep5: LW3IBUF9
ep6: WKQ9DD6Z
ep7: KSS307LT
ep8: 99QWR9CW
ep10: I366R54H
ep11: XVF7M8MB
ep12: RE059H13
ep13: JX5NCF2M
ep14: AN548VNS
ep15: 7WG3CVME
ep16: 43JLKEE2
ep17: ZOS1YMY9
ep18: H2VVEW8O
ep19: G4IUZNA2
ep20: H7XOIAID
ep21: FGRV3J16
ep22: ANTM1ARU
ep23: BUG4N4FF
ep24: 3CBY9JD0
ep25: OWHRM4G7
ep26: FNK7HY95
ep27: KEZ4KHFW
ep28: RYD3L26O
ep29: JRBZZC3R
ep30: JOJBM0UA
ep32: DWXXK2SF
ep33: RSRJX95N
ep34: POCO00RM
ep35: LCVC09S4
ep36: GNZ4JODX
ep37: G4KVPJQJ
ep38: U5UT4CDR
ep39: XFZJGSV0
ep40: XCJZTUA7
ep41: KCW0AYO2
ep42: E42UR8AP
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Flame of recca
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